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14th and Park

Mother with kids

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I know this is late. But for those that haven’t dipped their toes in Cosmos yet, its well worth watching. Especially if your the sort that enjoys being amazed by human ingenuity.

Click through for video.


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Tone Matrix

Once or twice a year I stumble across a flash based website that uses some visual trick as an interface for creating music. As someone who thinks constantly about making music but has yet to figure out how to turn my humming into blazing rock or sultry jazz compositions I find these web-tools to be a fun way to divert my hands from regular air guitar, bass, key and drum sessions.

Most recently, Andre Michelle’s Tone Matrix crossed my browser’s path. It is an excellent example of interface design that elegantly balances the foundation of all sound (waves) with time and visual distance resulting in a tool that is both pretty and easy to use.

I’m tempted to write more, but the proof of this tool’s awesomeness is in its simplicity of use. If you are like me and yearn to make music more than your ability allows then it’s definitely worth at least thirty minutes of your time. If you are more sophisticated — as a musician or as a programmer — stop by Andre’s blog for more details.

Another nice thing about the Tone Matrix is that it allows you to export your samples. Here are a few of mine:





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Celebrate Sagan

Re-posted from Celebrating Sagan.

A lot has changed since David and I started Celebrating Sagan in December of 2006. And while we’ve both moved on to other projects and different things, I’ve never been happy with how we left website. I especially always felt that it could and should be more.

Thanks to the help of Joel the site has been slowly coasting through the years accumulating a few a posts and a few comments here and there. Getting by but not really making any progress.

I’ve decided that with the 75th anniversary of Sagan’s birth looming on the horizon, now might be a great time to reach out to the Celebrating Sagan community and see if we can elevate the site into a place where we — in addition to celebrating the life of Carl Sagan through our memories — celebrate the good doctor through new creative works, interpretations of his writings, or updates on his ideas. More than just a slow cascade of post cards, I believe that this can become a living and breathing testament to one man’s passion and enthusiasm for life.


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Scrapbook: In back of the real

Today on the Scrapbook I posted a poem by Allen Ginsberg. In choosing this poem there were two things I wanted to accomplish.

First. This is my little awkward and inside way of announcing that over the course of the upcoming month (or two) I will focus my poetry posts on Walt Whitman. I have never really read (let alone grokked) any Whitman. As someone who studied poetry writing in college I feel that it is a little strange that I haven’t explored Whitman in depth, but as I’ve always meant to I feel that this is progress… but I digress. What more, Whitman’s name and words and ideas keep showing up more and more in my recent life. So at the charge of these synchronicities I say hello to Walt in the only way I know how — through Allen Ginsberg.


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Kind of Bloop

There are good ideas, and there are great ideas.

By envisioning a mash-up of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and the 8-bit sound of the classic Nintendo era, Andy Baio stumbled onto a good idea.

By leveraging a community of like minded music fans on the crowd-sourced fund raising site Kickstarter to make this recording a reality, Baio elevated a good idea into a great idea.


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If you’re like me and you both distrust Homeland Security and kind of hoped that you’d catch ’swine flu’, then I can pretty much guarantee that you’d love the Canadian TV show ReGenesis.

The show isn’t as good as The Wire or as intentionally complex as Battlestar Galactica. That said, it is both solid and very enjoyable. Definitely better than your average tv.

ReGenesis follows protagonist David Sandstrom, a molecular biologist and chief scientist at NORBAC, as he leads a crew of brilliant young scientist as they repeatedly save the world from viral and bacterial threats. NORBAC — a fictional entity — is a research lab funded by Canada, Mexico and the United States. Its mission is to identify and prevent threats to the medical security of North America. In this post Sep-11 world, the show’s conflict bounces from international politics to father daughter reltions to terrorism and the death of pets…

… and thanks to the powers that be, you can watch the first three seasons — in their entirety — on Hulu. Follow the link for all sorts of young attractive, bio-chemical, retroviral, sexually tense action. Otherwise, click through for the first episode.


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Scrapbook: I Think It’s Going to Rain Today

Like most Tuesday posts to the Scrapbook, my objective was to pair a picture with a song. Today I choose Randy Newman’s, ‘I Think It’s Going to Rain Today,’ because its been raining non-stop. Usually, I try not to be so literal with my, but it’s such a great song that I couldn’t help it.

Finding the right photo to match with this song, though, turned out to be trickier than I imagined.


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