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Conversations with a Stranger, pt 2.

Getting on the D6 at 13th and K, headed towards Stadium / Armory.

Sitting down I turn to the man in the seat next to me and say, “Morning.”

He responds, “Good morning.” After a pause, “they’re saying the sun is going to come out today. I do hope it hurries up and happens.”

“Yeah. But at least it isn’t going to rain today, like they had been predicting.”


“It looks like they’re calling for rain from Thursday to Sunday.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. As long as it doesn’t snow again. I’m done with the snow.”

“Spring is only eleven days away.”

“The only thing I don’t mind about the snow is that where I live, there are lots of old people. And they see me shoveling¬†and call me over. ¬†’Clean my walk when you’re done and I’ll pay you.’ Of course I did it.”

“Not a bad way keep busy.”

“For three days all I did after that last big snowfall was shovel. My son came over and said, ‘all you do is shovel.’ I told him I was getting paid.”

“That is a lot of shoveling.”

“Yeah, but I made $600.”

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