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Reading List 001

Right. I used to do something like this way back in the day — laboring to compile links for a non-existent audience (no offense). Lacking a great public place to track my own reading and saved articles, this new reading list will serve to contextualize everything that is going at Knock Twice and in my brain.

Hope its not too distracting.

  • Disconnecting the Dots: It struck me as odd that the two actions were so out of sync with one another. Getting to a higher floor in one building and the act of climbing up the wall in another were totally disassociated, even though they were essentially the same act.
  • Strapped Cities Outsource Transit Lines: Across the country, the traditional revenue streams that transit agencies rely on are declining, but interest in bus and rail service is growing. Faced with a budget crunch, an increasing number of cities may join New Orleans in seeking to curb costs by turning operations over to private companies that can potentially run systems more efficiently.
  • Transit Outsourcing Booms — But are There Safety Trade-0ffs?: But no matter what term is used, letting contractors bid to manage local transit raises the question of whether safety and service trade-offs are inevitable as the firms work to maximize their profit potential.

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