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Managing KTR’s Exquisite Corpse

Back in March I started a project — a collaboration — with friends and fans of Knock Twice Radio. An exquisite corpse, this project was designed to utilize the input from as many people as possible while requiring a minimum amount of work. By lowering the barrier to entry I thought this project would move swiftly.

I was wrong. The two main challenges I have encountered are: (1) keeping 30 + engaged and participating, and (2) keeping myself engaged and active.

Managing a collaboration of more than thirty people turned out to be harder than I anticipated… but the hardest part about it was keeping myself excited and interacting with the participants.

It turns out there there is a direct relationship between the level of my engagement and the response time of the participants. In other words, if the users slacked in their participation, I slacked in my management. If I was more timely with feedback and turn around time, the participants were more timely and excited as well.

As I am wrap up this first round of exquisite corpse and prepare to start another, I’ve been thinking about ways to improve the overall process.

The core idea of that made me hopeful about the potential of porting exquisite corpse to collaborative media / radio — that by keeping work for the user to a minimum I can maximize returns in participation –  remains true. In more than two years of Knock Twice Radio I have only been able to scare up a half-dozen  people interested and willing to create an entire radio episode. By decreasing the level of entry for participants, I was able to get more than 30 people to commit to the exquisite corpse project.

Things fell apart  on the management side. While I was able to successfully decrease the amount of work required for users, I ultimately created more work for myself, which slowed things down.

In the second round of exquisite corpse I plan to keep things to a more manageable number and hopefully that will improve both quality and production time.

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