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If you’re like me and you both distrust Homeland Security and kind of hoped that you’d catch ’swine flu’, then I can pretty much guarantee that you’d love the Canadian TV show ReGenesis.

The show isn’t as good as The Wire or as intentionally complex as Battlestar Galactica. That said, it is both solid and very enjoyable. Definitely better than your average tv.

ReGenesis follows protagonist David Sandstrom, a molecular biologist and chief scientist at NORBAC, as he leads a crew of brilliant young scientist as they repeatedly save the world from viral and bacterial threats. NORBAC — a fictional entity — is a research lab funded by Canada, Mexico and the United States. Its mission is to identify and prevent threats to the medical security of North America. In this post Sep-11 world, the show’s conflict bounces from international politics to father daughter reltions to terrorism and the death of pets…

… and thanks to the powers that be, you can watch the first three seasons — in their entirety — on Hulu. Follow the link for all sorts of young attractive, bio-chemical, retroviral, sexually tense action. Otherwise, click through for the first episode.

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